So, what is it you do?

Small Business Consultancy aiding in the support of DacEasy Accounting from version 1 the current version.    What makes us different from the competition is that we started at the beginning of computer

introduction in the workplace. we were supporting DacEasy, AccPac and Mas 90 in the early dos days.  Ad the software moved to multi user mode our expertise grew into Networking the packages.  We in have have worked with Businesses Like Sony America, Trish McEvoy and others as well as users in Liberia, SouthAfrica , Congo DRC and Canada.   They managed their financial information with these in expensive applications which prove to be sturdy and relatively maintenance free.   However Period maintenance is recommended as with all software. In fact  the application holds up to two years of data in open financial periods and runs boolean logic which keeps the data in good order.

Whether you have a couple of workstations in the office or You have a sales teams in the field with support people taking orders in house.  This software is strong and inexpensive.  In fact I find alot of users still  using versions from

back in the mid-90's without a hitch.   Accounting software does not have to cost you a small fortune in order for you to manage your assets.  The software is so sturdy that the software maker No longer makes money the way they like and is replacing it with software that is more prone to upgrades and to more profitable user counts.    I personallly have seen 50 desktop machines work on the application without a hitch.  Now the Maker has a business model that only works if your constantly upgrading!